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Latest Baseball News – Week of June 8th, 2013

The baseball world is lively and full of hot news as of late. If you’re a Directtv customer and you keep track of all those sports channels, you know this for a fact. Coming off of Homer Bailey’s no hitter on July 2nd, the baseball world has been overflowing with excitement.

The rosters for the 2013 All-Star game were announced on Saturday the 6th. Several familiar names filled the rosters, including Robinson Cano, Miguel Cabrera, Joe Mauer, and David Ortiz as starters for the American league. The starters for the National league included some usual suspects, including David Wright, Yadier Molina, and Troy Tulowitski, with some new names thrown in on both sides of the field.

However, there were some notable snubs from the lineups. Indians catcher Carlos Santana and Rays 3B Evan Longoria did not make the American League team, while Cardinals pitcher Shelby Miller and Reds’ center fielder Shin- Soo Choo were left out in the rain by fans of the National League.

Lots of sites shift to a darker baseball topic, the list of players who worked with Anthony Bosch of Biogenesis is expected to lead to several suspensions following the 2013 All-star break. Players likely to be suspended include Yankees 3B Alex Rodriguez, Brewers LF Ryan Braun, Rangers OF Nelson Cruz, and Mariners C Jesus Montero, among others. As you can see, the list will be a shock to the baseball world and will likely change the landscape of the game.

Five Important Things Every Pitcher Must Have

The art of pitching successfully requires a combination of abilities while out on the mound. Possessing solid mechanics is one of the main keys, yet being able to throw a variety of pitches while changing speeds is also an important part of going deeper into the game without getting bombarded with a ton of runs.

Having a good fastball seems simple enough, yet this particular pitch doesn’t always follow the path of a straight Read the rest of this entry »

Who Is The Most Consistent Performing Baseball Player

Many baseball players have three or four great seasons during their careers. The vast majority of them are unable to sustain their success for most of their careers, especially if they play for 10 years or more. Albert Pujols is the modern exception to this rule. He has consistently performed as one of the best players in baseball during almost every season in his lengthy career. He has the intelligence, the skills, and the athletic ability to routinely perform up to a Hall of Fame standard. There’s no doubt Read the rest of this entry »

Pitching Or Hitting Which Is More Important

The answer to this question can vary depending upon whom you ask. If you ask a pitcher, naturally, they are going to feel that pitching is more important. But, how many games can a pitcher expect to win if his offense fails to score runs?

The truth of the matter is that both pitching and hitting are important aspects of baseball and you can’t have one without the other. However, it is rarely the pitcher that capitalizes on a hitter’s mistakes to win Read the rest of this entry »

Simple Tips To Help Your Fantasy Baseball Team

July is almost over and your fantasy baseball team may need a few tweaks for the big push. However, making those changes always seems like a risky gamble. So how do you know what changes to make? To make things simple let’s look at some offensive and pitching areas that can improve your team.

Offensively, the biggest issues revolve around hot bats and contenders. Scour the waiver wire and find players who are riding hitting streaks or hitting consistently. If the player Read the rest of this entry »

Are Baseball Players Better Prepared These Days

The game of baseball may look the same as it did in the past, but the players of today are much better prepared than the players of yesteryear. These days the players subject themselves to rigorous off-season workouts and dietary plans that were unheard of in years past. The scouting of today is also vastly superior to the past. There are people on the payroll of teams whose only job is to watch tape and look for weaknesses of opposing players.

With the addition of sophisticated computer equipment, players can actually see when a pitch breaks and precisely Read the rest of this entry »

Why Do We Hardly See Any Good Catchers Anymore?

Gone are the days of Johnny Bench and Carlton Fisk calling great games from behind the plate while getting on base and driving in game winning runs. It seems the do-it-all catcher has gone the way of the dinosaur. It is a very important position on the baseball diamond. Catcher is probably the second most important position besides pitcher. The catcher is important because they basically help run the entire defensive phase of the game for the team while the other team is up to bat. They help decide Read the rest of this entry »

A Source for all Your Baseball Information

Contrary to popular belief, keeping up with baseball can mean year-round enjoyment for you and your family. There’s usually something related to the sport going on, whether in the Major Leagues, the minor leagues, a college baseball team, or the College World Series. People can always tune in to sports channels from providers like get the information they need, but here’s a brief introduction to some of the different faces of this great American past-time.

Major League Baseball

When spring training begins, baseball information flows. Who reported and who didn’t, any hold-outs or injuries, the projection for your team this season, and reports about rookies. Major League news abounds all season, as well as into the post-season, the off-season, and the draft.

College Baseball

Maybe it’s your alma mater, or maybe it’s the college one of your children wants to attend; whatever the reason, the Collegiate World Series captures most baseball fans’ attention. The double-elimination playoffs and championship series creates mealtime conversation for many devoted college fans.

Backyard Baseball

Watching baseball and cheering for your favorite teams is fun, but it’s also a blast to get out and run the bases yourself. Whether you’re playing with friends, family, or as part of a league, baseball is a great way to get exercise and get a feel for what goes on in the minds of your favorite athletes. When it’s time to relax, just turn on your satellite TV service to catch up on the latest baseball news.

What Goes on at the Winter Meetings?

Another season in the books, and quite a spectacular one for all you San Francisco Giants fans out there, but for the other 29 teams out there, it’s already time to start rebooting for 2011. Though spring training is still a few cold months away and 2010 exploits are fairly fresh in the memory, December marks the summit of who’s who in baseball and baseball fans. More casual fans out there might be asking, what goes on at winter meetings? By now you’ve probably at least heard the term on ESPN or some other sports broadcast Picture 3,000 people descending on Orlando, Florida, (the site varies by year), consisting of representatives from all 30 franchises, from head honcho decision makers to minor league affiliates, not to mention several international guests, and professionals spanning all aspects of America’s pastime. Read the rest of this entry »

Inside the NL Wild Card Race

As the Braves come off a three game chunker at the hands of the Philadelphia Phillies in what was the next to last time the two teams will square off in the regular season, Atlanta now officially joins the heated National League Wild Card race alongside the San Francisco Giants, San Diego Padres and the Colorado Rockies. Sitting 6 games out of pennant position in the NL East, the Wild Card represents the Braves last chance at returning to the post-season this year, in what is manager Bobby Cox’s final tour of duty before heading off into baseball history. Of the three NL West teams, at least one is assured a playoff spot as division winner, though there certainly isn’t room for all three as in a best case scenario, at least one team in their time zone would join the Braves on the golf course (or anywhere else besides the baseball diamond) in October. Read the rest of this entry »

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